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The ultimate ASMR experience, and the best way to support your favorite creators.

I was tired, and I was frustrated by other platforms not understanding, or not listening to what ASMR creators and viewers wanted. So I made my own. I (Gibi ASMR) set out to make something truly special: An ASMR app made for creators and their fans, by creators. I spoke with countless ASMRtists to learn what was holding them back, what they needed to succeed and what they would like to see from an ASMR platform going forward. I talked to ASMR viewers and fans in the community to see what they were looking for in their watching experience -- what other platforms lacked, and how to make their viewership as relaxing and as convenient as possible.

The answer was Zees. An app built from the ground up with the sole purpose of providing the best ASMR experience anywhere on the internet, for both viewers AND creators.

Zees is a subscription based platform, where a single monthly subscription grants access to the full library of dozens of ASMR creators: the countless videos we have made and will continue to create, and plenty of bonuses both in terms of extra content, and special features designed to facilitate the viewing of ASMR on your mobile device.

Take a look below at the wonderful talent we are working with to create ASMR, and if you want to jump right in and test it out, you can create an account and do so here.

Online-Only Subscription Cost

1 Month
3 Months
Save 17 %
1 Year
Save 40 %

The Creators of Zees

A video platform is only as good as the creators making content for it, so with that in mind, I reached out to some of the greatest talent in the ASMR industry; peers, friends, and wonderfully skilled folks. Not only did they agree to bring their amazing content to the Zees platform, but they were also an integral part during the development process as their opinions and requests helped shape our final product. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, these talented creators are bringing new content to Zees as well. Exclusive videos, Q&As, and other tingly extras await those who subscribe to our platform! We are excited to be adding new creators as often as we can, as the talent in the community is immeasurable.


From the beginning, Zees had to be more than just a video player. After speaking to both creators and consumers of ASMR, it became clear what was missing, and what Zees needed to be. Below are just some of the great features you will find within our app!

Ad Free Viewing
Gone are the days of loud ads interrupting the flow of ASMR and waking you up from your cozy sleep! Zees is a subscription based service, where one subscription will grant access to the entire library of content. It’s thanks to this model that we are able to do away with traditional advertisements, which normally would break up the flow of videos on other platforms.

Exclusive Videos
Not only will creators be bringing all of their regular content to Zees, but exclusive videos as well! This makes Zees the place to be if you want to catch all the greatest ASMR content, and with just one simple subscription, you can easily access it all. Every two weeks, a new Featured Creator will get a special place on the app to release a Zees Exclusive and connect with their audience via a Q&A session.

Sleep Aids
ASMR is often consumed at night, and Zees was designed with this thought in mind. Sleep timers and wake up alarms are naturally built in to the Zees platform, and the color scheme selected was done so to help aid viewing in a low-light environment. Set your bedtime alarm for Zees to remind you to head to bed with plenty of time to drift away to your favorite videos.

Offline Viewing
Tired of burning through data, or not being able to watch content while your phone isn’t connected to the internet? That is no longer an issue with Zees, where you can download and store videos on your device, then rewatch them as many times as you desire.